Palu'e basketry by Stefan Danerek


We have just published the 2022 issue of our journal, beginning with an article by linguist Stefan Danerek on the basketry traditions of the small island of Palu'e and its inhabitants, located just off the north coast of the island of Flores (Indonesia). The basket makers of this island make several different kinds of basket for practical and ceremonial use (mainly associated with betel chewing), which include some examples of triaxial 'mad' weave, a complex technique confined to the Indonesian archipelago. Stefan's article is a valuable record of an ancient tradition. It is well-illustrated with photographs of the main types, including some in use in daily life on Palu'e.

Stefan holds a PhD in Indonesian language studies with a dissertation on Indonesian modern literature. During 2014-2016 he carried out documentation research of the Palu’e language and oral traditions. Stefan also translates Indonesian fiction for Swedish publishers. During the latter years he has focused on folk lore, arts, and crafts, particularly ikat weaving. See also