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The FLT online journal publishes peer-reviewed scholarly articles related to textile production and use in ethnographic and historical contexts. As our title suggests, our articles focus on material properties, aspects of textile making, as well as functions. The ranges of topics include loom-woven textiles, non-loom textiles and baskets, and non-woven materials such as bark-cloth and their associated material. Our intended readership consists of academics and lay-people with an interest in textiles.

This journal is published by the Tracing Patterns Foundation in Berkeley, California, with the support of an international editorial team. We provide Open Access to read and download. You may submit articles through registration. We especially encourage scholars with English as a second language to make a submission as we provide basic English editing. Articles are published as soon as they have completed the editorial process, in the order they are received and edited. There is one 'Issue' per calendar year, with articles added on a rolling basis.

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Just added - a new article on an archaic loom in Indonesia, with Indian origins


A new article by journal editors Chris Buckley and Sandra Sardjono describes a loom from the village of Balai Cacang in Minankabau, Sumatra. Though this loom has previously been described by several authors, a key feature ... a warping system based on Indian prototype ... has previously been overlooked. This discovery is of significance for understanding the history of the development of weaving in the west of Indonesia.

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